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We created a Free HR management tool that collects and sorts data of employees to assist HR with internal management from employee data management to hire, onboard, IT asset management, and payroll. We ease the HR Operation so they can build a high-performing work team.

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Our Solutions


Employee Management

With Employee Management you can manage employee data by adding new employees or importing. You get access to all information with various sorting and filters.


Hiring & Onboard

Manage Hiring & Onboard, create new job openings, and get information about the interviewing and offers. Manage candidate data from here.


Performance & Appraisal

This pillar helps you review the performance of the employees with all the details.


Employee IT Asset Manager

This module makes it easier to manage and track all IT devices allotted to employees and also generate device requirements.


Attendance Management

Track employee attendance to prevent your record from errors. Tack their working days and daily working hours.


Leave Management

Leave management system for a modern workspace where you can manage, request, and track all leaves on the go.

Free HRM Tools

Make a hassle-free experience for your HR Team and Employees with the HR management software that makes all processes simple.All-in-one dashboard to access everything in a single tab.

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Latest Employee Review

Whether you run employee performance reviews quarterly or annually Alert Hire makes a review more effective with using some questions and a brief review to encourage individuals. We make it more accurate and engaging reflection of the employee.

What they say?

Akshay Sharma

Business Analyst


Effectively communicates with colleagues, supervisors and partners. Exceeds expectations in arriving on time for work, including meetings and conferences.

Poonam Rana

Quality Analyst


Is an effective team player as demonstrated by their willingness to help out and contribute as required. Knows how to collaborate with others effectively to find solutions to problems.

Bamit Kumar

Php Developer


Is a constructive communicator and is capable of discussing difficult issues effectively and to the point.

Ansh Pahwa

UI/UX Designer


Takes ownership in the company’s success and accepts responsibility for oneself and contribution as a team leader.